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In my 3+ years at VMware, I’ve always enjoyed attending and presenting at the vForum’s, throughout the country.

You get to meet very interesting people, passionate IT people that know a lot about VMware technologies and want to learn more every day!

I presented over the last few years in Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec and Halifax. I have to say, every city is different, one thing stays the same, VMware is definitely still very high in the priorities list of people.

I’ve shared our vision for the Post-PC era with multiple folks from various industries(Government, Finance, Education, Healthcare) and I can say for certain that we have a lot of people on-board, ready to take the journey with us 🙂

I wanted to say thank you to everybody that I’ve met at these events, looking forward to meeting you again in 2013 and beyond.

To see where we’re going next, simply click on this link and filter on Canada:


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