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VCP5-DT, Getting ready, tools that will help you pass!

I’ve been covering desktop virtualization for close to 5 years now. I’ve seen good project go bad because of poor planning or lack of planning, I’ve seen bad project turn-around and become a success because of the people and planning that made up the difference. In all of these projects, I saw 1 common thread, you need to make sure you have resources that know what they need to do and how to do it.

I had a really good talk with someone at VMware recently that resonated a lot with me. Getting a solid foundation is key, is not the raw amount of knowledge you take in that counts, it’s what you get out of it. Seems simple, right? (I’m in the midst of writing a different article on this, keep checking out the site for an update)

In today’s 24/7 always connected world, it’s a lot harder than it appears. You’re bombarded with new way to learn, with a lot more information than you can consume and you have to choose or you’ll spend your days and your nights just reading up on stuff and you’ll never catch-up.

It’s very important to concentrate on the core knowledge you need to do your job appropriately, when people can tell you how to obtain more practical knowledge to accomplish your daily task, when they help you differentiate the forest from the trees, you should thank them.

The above was to set the stage for what I believe is a good tool for Techno-geeks that are looking at reaching that next level. Proving that they have the solid foundation and have moved beyond that, that they have taken the steps to become a reference to others and will help make any Desktop Virtualization projects a success!

I was lucky enough to be involved in writing the practice exams for the following book: “VCP5-DT Official Cert Guide”.


Throughout the writing of the exams question, we focused on the important points a Desktop Virtualization Expert needs to take the VCP5-DT exam and to pass it with flying colors. The Author, Linus Bourque, structured the book in a way that will save you time on sections you already know, he took the time to write a small Q&A at the beginning of each chapter to test your basic knowledge of the topic covered in each chapter. That way, if you already know the information, you can still go over the chapter but you might skim some basic steps that you already know. In return, if you go over one of these Q&A and you’re left with a blank stare on your face, then it’ll help you focus more and probably pay more attention to that specific chapter.

Linus is well known in the VMware education space, check him out, he’s been helping VMware technologist learn about our techno for a long time (will not mention the exact number of years to avoid Linus looking too old ;-). He’s a fellow Canadian, so you know he’s used to cold weather, good beer and watered-down politics.

In summary, you will cover all the topics that are required as a good VMware View Desktop administrator, it will give you a certain level of comfort and you’ll be better prepared to go take the exam or study more. Check it out:

When you buy the book, be sure to look at the end for the Safari Books online version, you’ll have additional exams online in there. Good luck!

If you want to learn more about VMware certification, I encourage you to go visit their education site:

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