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Mirage Reference Architecture for Branch offices, good start!

Horizon Mirage is a great solution to migrate your endpoints from Windows XP to Windows 7. It’s also a great solution to manage those same endpoints with a corporate image, one that’s built with the right software, drivers and applications; all this maintained centrally. It’s important to build a proper plan when deploying such a solution, you want to make sure you have all the important components (Server, Storage, Network) properly sized to handle the workload you will manage.

The VMware Horizon Mirage Branch-Office Reference Architecture was built to help achieve such goal. It was developed to clearly explain how to back up desktops deployed throughout your organization and also helping migrate them to a more recent operating system with an approved and properly configured corporate image.

The main focus of this document is to provide guidance for the Branch Offices being managed by Mirage Servers and the resources utilized by them. Included below is a representation of a typical Mirage deployment covering both local and remote clients.


Finally, in this reference architecture, we discussed the benefit of putting a Mirage Branch Reflector in the remote site to help minimize the overall time to complete the migration process and also minimize the bandwidth utilized.

The document is worth a good read and for Mirage administrator, to keep in your back pocket. The data gathered from our testing will help you understand how Mirage works behind the cover to optimize resource as much as it can, minimize user downtime during migration and reduce IT manual operations!

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