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Keeping focus, easier said than done…

If you’re in technology, for work or pleasure or if you’re under 25, then there’s a good chance you’re addicted to one or many of the followings:

– Email

– Internet

– Social Media


Have many times per day do you check your Smart phone for emails, Twitter updates or the next stupid/time wasting Facebook video?


I’m guilty of this myself. I try to get away but it’s like an addiction, it’s hard to know when to quit.


I have 3 teenagers, they watch TV more than I would care for but the odd thing that stood out for me last week was that they can’t just watch TV!

They’re on the couch, texting, playing some random game of Candy crush or whatever teenagers play now (for my boys it’s HearthStone) and watching TV. When I asked them what was so important that it had to be checked right away, the answer I got was: “Dad, you’re getting old, everybody does this today, catch-up…”

Then, you turn-around and you hear countless stories about kids and ADHD problems. Don’t get me wrong, I know this is a real issue in today’s world and it needs to be addressed quickly but what if, we as parents, took the hard road to help our kids recover? What if, we took time, EVERY DAY, to sit down with our kids, help them through their school lessons, plan their week, plan their study and make them go outside to play. All activities to help them disconnect from the easy and constant distraction of an always-on connected world…

It’s hard, not only on the kids but on us as parents. It’s much easier to use the cyber-nanny, get them to play with a random electronic device while you do your own thing but it’s doable.


I recently took a vacation for spring break with the kids. I forced them to disconnect, no electronics, no TV, books and outdoor activities. It was a little sad for the first few hours, a lot of complaining but after that time passed, they were all the better for it and totally disconnected. Trust me, it works, it takes investment on your end, it takes commitment on both ends but the result are there. The funny side benefit, they were able to be more focused on small tasks, everyday stuff and they came back with that habit, that I’m trying my best to make them keep it…


All I’m saying is that if you have kids and you want them to succeed, get them to focus more in school, get them to disconnect, if you can’t do it all at once, commit to a couple of days a week and go from there.


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