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VMworld 2014


Well, we’re only a couple of days away from VMworld 2014, first in San Francisco then a month or so later in Barcelona. It’s that time of the year again where a bunch of us are working 7 days a week to be ready for our sessions, or the HoL  ( or other duties while over there. The sad truth is that no matter how faw in advance we prepapre, it seems that every year, there’s a 3-4 weeks sprint just before the event.

If you haven’t done so already, check out the VMworld website,, login and take the time to go through the sessions over there. It’s a wise move to invest a few minutes and plan ahead. I won’t go in details of what to do specifically, Rene covered this very well, you can check it out here: I can tell you from 5 straight years of working during that time, the 8 hours of sleep is the almost impossible goal to achieve 🙂

I wanted to take a couple of minutes of your time and detail the session I will be speaking to, sneak peek of things to come. I plan on giving away a few of my books as well, at the end of each session. Check out the book here: Amazon website.


Here are my sessions:

EUC 1221 – VMware Mirage Best Practices & What’s New

Learn best practices and what’s new with VMware Mirage in this breakout session. The speakers bring years of EUC and Mirage experience  and will share their tips and tricks for a successful deployment and continued management of Mirage. The latest and greatest features in Mirage will also be reviewed. This is a must-attend session whether you’re new to Mirage or an experienced user..


EUC 1289 – What’s New in End User Computing: Full Desktop Automation and Self-Service

The session will provide a background on View 6 and vCAC 6.0 and then review the benefit of integrating the two together to provide best of breed Desktop as a Service. We will cover the step by step of configuring vCAC and View to work together, the good use case where you can really benefit for setting this up and show a few demo’s and lesson learned from our experience. The brain behind this session is my friend and co-author, Paul o’Doherty,


EUC 1659 – VMware Mirage API – It is Official now!

Come and meet Mirage’s new API. Administrating a large Mirage deployment requires actions that are difficult or simply cannot be done with the Management Console: Centralize each new device once it connects to the Mirage Server, Migrate thousands of XP machines to Windows 7 and monitor the migration progress, Identify the endpoints that have not been backed up for too long and notify the users, etc. These tasks plea for automation, and now Mirage provides an official Web Service API that can be called by any remote application, be it PowerShell, Java or Python script. Join us for the introduction on the new API’s concepts and few demos of automated managing and monitoring Mirage.


EUC 2182 – VMware Mirage Large Scale Reference Architecture and Customer Deployments

The VMware Mirage Large-Scale Reference Architecture project was built to demonstrate the scalability of a Mirage deployment, the resource utilized and the performance of all the components of the solution, at scale! The Large-Scale Reference Architecture was completed on the most recent version of Mirage, it proved that proper design and understanding of each component is key to a successful deployment. The project was done to address the following scenarios to solve two common challenges faced by IT managers today: 1. How to back up desktops deployed throughout the enterprise, protecting the unique Customization, applications, and valuable data that personalize each system for its end user 2. How to efficiently migrate remote desktops form Microsoft Windows XP to Windows 7 with minimal impact on both IT resources and end-user productivity. Join us to not only learn about the large-scale RA, but also hear from a customer on why they chose Mirage, what use case they are fulfilling, and how their deployment is going. These are two great real-world examples that you won’t want to miss.



Can’t wait to go and meet a lot of techno geeks (yeah you know who you are!). Be sure to stop by and say hi.



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