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Good interview with VMWorld TV

NoLimits-SmallWell, the Canadians did it again. Thanks to VMworld TV for allowing Paul and me to talk about our book.

It was a lot of effort writing it, we had, as Paul colorfully mentioned in our session, some Bilingual swearing that happened a few late nights doing the write-up but the overall experience was worth it.

We have a few more crazy projects in the pipeline. Once we catch our breath from the whirlwind week of VMworld, we will definitely update everybody on some of our funky ideas and see if we’re just off the wall or if there’s actually industry interest around this.

For those of you that missed it, Paul and I presented a session on Full Desktop Automation and Self-Service, specifically numbered: EUC1289. Look for the recording of this session after VMworld.

We are here all week, if you buy a book, look for us. I’m @VirtualStef and Paul is @podoherty. We will be glad to meet you and talk to you in person, it’s all about End-User Computing, right 🙂

Check it out, the interview here:

An exclusive interview with VM Horizon authors Paul O’Doherty and Stephane Asselin



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