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A lot of great new information to start off 2015

Well, it took me a little longer than expected to complete my first blog post but it seems it’s like a lot of new year resolution, even with the best intentions, you still need to work at it to make it happen 🙂

I wanted to share a few links, quick videos, that a few colleagues have put together.

In today’s IT Desktop Virtualization, if you’re like me, information is overflowing and you can easily be drowned by the massive tidal wave of white noise that comes in at a frenetic pace. When I see summary videos, I smile, I love to learn, invest the proper amount of time and go really deep on a specific technology or solution set. I also like to get the cliff notes version, to make up for when I don’t have time to look at everything and I just want to see if I have enough interest to set time aside and investigate more on those technologies.


So, here come the introduction videos. This is, in my mind, the fastest way to get a high-level of the technology and it will give you enough information for you to make up your mind and see if you want to dig deeper, to see how deep the rabbit hole goes (Nostalgia, I had to put a Matrix reference in there, can you believe it’s already been 15 years!).

Take a look at these videos and let me know what you think:

Introduction to VMware Horizon FLEX:
Introduction to VMware App Volumes:
Introduction to VMware Horizon Air:
Introduction to VMware Horizon Air Desktop DR:
Introduction to VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon:


What comes next is to see where these technology fit in your organization, where it makes sense to combine them to leverage their strength together and where those product will need help from other third party solutions to fill in the gaps.

For example, on its own, App Volumes is a good solution and definitely deserves to fully understand it’s capabilities and how it can help your Virtual Desktops but if you add the potential of vmFork or project Fargo (learn more from Duncan Epping post, here), then you have a Just-in-Time desktop delivery to users. Think about the potential and all the use-case scenarios!

No more provisioning up front, no more spending time updating and staging dozen of Virtual Images. 1 Golden Master OS image, 1 central  Application repository and respond to user request on-demand, every IT Admins dream!

2015 will be another great year for the next generation desktop, not only from how users will access them but also from how IT admins will manage them. I’m very excited about this year new product release and upcoming announcements, I will be at Partner Exchange and I hope to be able to see you there!


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