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The Horizon Toolbox was released a few weeks ago and went unnoticed in most places. Let me tell you the 5 main reason why every View Administrator should use this tool daily!

1. First and Foremost, auditing. I’m asked every single week by customers, partners and colleagues about the different ways to audit a View session. We have great solutions for this but the Horizon Toolbox gives the quick and simple approach to auditing View sessions. My personal favorite is to easily monitor the concurrent sessions for the last day, 7 days or month. This helps plan the number of View pools, the number of desktops by pools and if you need to grow or if you can shrink the pools.


2. A second one in the auditing section is to see how long the users have been connected. For me, I like to know when users are using my desktops but even more importantly, when they are not using them. You can see, by user, the connected time over a certain amount of days. For example, Bob has been connected 10 minutes over the last month. Hum… Well, maybe Bob doesn’t need a Virtual Desktop! You can export the report to a CSV file and do even more advanced filtering and searches…


3. Of course, the obvious one, remote assistance. If you recall, a lot of people call this session shadowing. Well, Remote Assistance is not exactly the same thing. Remote assistance keeps a level of acceptance by the user, which I think is critical when troubleshooting User desktops. Some tools will let you connect to remote sessions with the user knowing that the admin connected. From an audit and security perspective, I believe it is critical for administrator to be accountable for their actions. Having a user accept the assistance request helps along these lines.

ToolBox Remote Assist


4. Knowing what and how many snapshots are used for a pool. This is something simple and I can’t believe we did not put this forward before. Yes, I know, I can navigate through the vSphere client and go in the images, under Snapshot Manager and find them one by one, but I really prefer to have everything, web-based, in a quick hierarchical view. I can easily see how many snapshots are used for a Parent Virtual Machine and hopefully help me keep a cleaner environment, one that avoid Snapshots sprawl (because we all know too many snaphost is never a good thing!)


5. Last but not least, device whitelisting. Yes, it’s still in early stages and will require more development but I really like where we’re going with this. I totally understand anyone can buy an enterprise DLP solution, like McAfee DLP. I get it, I’ve deployed the McAfee solution a few times, it has it’s merit. But, if you’ve managed View environments before, just like me, you might need only 10% of the big McAfee solution. So, with the Horizon Toolbox, well, we might get there. You want to be able to be very granular on the Vendor ID and Product ID on the devices that are allowed to connect to the desktops but you might not need more than that. If this is your case, then, I think this tool might get you there…


The Toolbox is an ever changing tool, I’ve seen the amazing progress it has made since it’s first release and I can’t wait to see what the next release will bring us. Every good View admin needs a good toolbox, well, this one is going to help a lot of those admin!


Enjoy your holidays, take time off, be with your family, in the and, they are the one that matter the most!

See you all in 2016.



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