VMworld 2019 Sessions that you should definitely go see!

Every year, we have the privilege of listening to really good tech talks but, with the limited amount of time we have, the challenge always is to choose the right ones.

I took the time review the session list and wanted to share my top 8. You can always see the content catalog here.

Troubleshooting your Horizon 7 deployments [ADV1076BU]

Join experienced VMware Horizon troubleshooters as they give you an in-depth look at the common issues you may face during a Horizon 7.x deployment and their solutions. This session will cover the key problem domains, associated issues, and methods and tools for solving them. Learn about everything from network connectivity to VMware ESX performance statistics, including log analysis for quickly identifying issues. Don’t miss one of the most popular running VMware Horizon technical sessions at VMworld!

Ask the VMware End-User Computing Experts [ADV1077PU]

This session is back after 1 year on the sideline. The panel in this session have are some of the most knowledgeable End-User Computing Desktop experts at VMware. They have seen the biggest deployments and have faced and overcome the most complex challenges. Come have a chat with some of the experts in the field that work, every day, with all the VMware EUC products.

Horizon Delivery Models: A Modernized Approach to Desktops and Apps [ADV2511BU]

Full-, linked-, and instant clone VMs. User writable volumes, user installed apps, and persistent disks. Personalization, privilege elevation, and roaming users. VMware Horizon Enterprise provides a comprehensive set of technologies to provide best-in-class virtual desktops and applications. In this session we’ll discuss a user-centric approach to selecting the ideal combination of Horizon components for your needs, striking the right balance between end user experience and IT administration.

NSX-T and Horizon: Better Security and Performance for VDI [ADV1313BU]

VMware NSX-T provides significant networking and security benefits to an existing or new virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) through micro-segmentation, virtualized network services and features, and agentless partner off-load services to increase the overall end-user experience. The design and architecture of an NSX-T environment for VMware Horizon will be discussed and shown. This session will examine the benefits of NSX-T features, such as load balancing for Horizon components, and how the NSX-T Distributed Logical Router can reduce network hair-pinning across your physical devices and provide VM isolation. See how to leverage the NSX-T Distributed Firewall for security with micro-segmentation, and utilize NSX-T Guest Introspection for agentless anti-virus/anti-malware protection with VMware certified partners.

Agentless Anti-Virus with NSX-T Guest Introspection Deep Dive [SAI1986BU]

Explore Guest Introspection in VMware NSX-T, which delivers enhancements to the VMware vSphere platform such as simplified anti-virus and anti-malware management, streamlined lifecycle operations, improved endpoint performance, and a strengthened security posture.

From SCCM to Workspace ONE: Get to Windows 10 Modern Management Faster [UEM1454BU]

In this session, we will demonstrate using Workspace ONE AirLift to address common Windows 10 use cases to onboard devices, users, applications and policy to a modern unified endpoint management platform. We explore how Workspace ONE delivers a feasible and guided path forward to Windows 10 cloud-based modern management by featuring robust deployment and management capabilities that dramatically reduce IT cost and effort. Come see the implementation approach that has been proven successful by our largest customers and partners.

How to Design a Zero-Trust Architecture using Workspace ONE [UEM1558BU]

In this session, we will discuss how to build a zero-trust security architecture using features and functionality within VMware Workspace ONE. The speaker for this session are extremly knowledgeable and been working with Identity Manager since the early beginnings!

Horizon View Upgrades: A Relaxing Experience [ADV2902BU]

For the best Windows 10 experience, you want to be on the latest version of Horizon. In this session, we’ll talk through a Horizon upgrade from start to finish. You’ll learn how to create a customized upgrade plan, lay safety nets, and plan for the unexpected. You’ll also have the opportunity to discuss your past upgrade experiences and share input for improving Horizon upgrades. e

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