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How you can multiply your knowledge and talk to great people!

When you’re in IT, only one thing is constant… change.

These days, you will always have a ton of information coming in but not all of it accurate or helpful. From my perspective, what is important is to know where to look for the right information and know to talk to the right people.

If you deal with anything related to VMware, you can Google for hours before finding the real information you’re looking for. What if you could have access to a community of expert? A group of passionate people like you and me that want to help other people successfully deploy VMware technologies. Comes in the VMware vExpert program (

I’ve been part of the program for 7 years now and I must say that it is by far, the best led program with the best bunch of people in the industry. When you’re in the program, you get access to a lot of software and licenses but more importantly, you get access to a great number of expert that want to share their knowledge. We use Slack for information exchange and general discussion and because the program is worldwide, no matter what time of day you connect, it’ll be noon somewhere in the world and you will most likely be able to chat with someone, almost live! In these uncertain time, where Covid is still impacting the way we work, you need to be able to reach out to people remotely and exchange on ideas, best practice or just validate some weird setting you can’t find how to set in your environment.

I’ve been doing EUC for over 20 years and it’s important to give back to the virtual community. I’m glad to be able to exchange with peers and people all over the world. Bounce ideas on what works and the best approach to do something.

For myself, I focus on Horizon, App Volumes, DEM and Security. I wrote a lot of papers on App Volumes, this one might not look like much but took dozens of hours of testing to put the numbers in the boxes (

I had to put aside publishing App Volumes papers for a bit but now that I’m settled in my new role, look for new Best Practices paper on the solution. I still believe that if done right, it’s a great solution to use.

Applications are now open, if you have the knowledge, if you’re passionate about technology and want to participate in the community, this is for you!

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