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VMware Horizon 8 — A decent release

I was working on some simple step by step on Horizon 8 and wanted to show people how powerful, yet simple to deploy. I stopped myself and took some time to search the web and the vExpert community for other people, that were faster than me at putting this together and found that we have a lot of awesome experts, always willing to share their knowledge!

Before I do that though, if you are not aware of the release and looking to have a quick summary, check out Sachin’s post on the VMware blog:

For people that have home labs like me, it’s interesting to try out some of the new features with Azure and AWS, when you can find people to give you free cloud credits (I haven’t been able to but I know they are out there…).

I don’t have an 8k monitors but it’s good to see VMware finally supporting these high-end monitors. I’m honestly concerned that customer will not properly evaluate required bandwidth to be able to have a good user experience with 8k monitors but this is not new, it’s been a challenge since VDI 1.0…

Here are my top 3 to check out:

  1. The Virtual Horizon (Sean Massey). Just did a quick intro and mentioned that this will be a multi post series, hopefully he keeps it going and share his extensive knowledge of Horizon!
  2. VMware Tech Zone. Good overview with video of what is new in H8, App Volumes and DEM.
  3. Chris Halstead YouTube video on Horizon 8.

If you are like me and have been running Horizon for a while, there is also decent upgrade information in the Horizon documentation.

Last but not least, if you want to ramp-up and become a Horizon ninja, VMware learning paths are just awesome. Yes, some of these are a bit dated (mid 2018) but content is still great and on top of it all, it’s free!

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